Ariel Smith

Designer and Office Manager


Ariel Smith stands at the creative side of Kitchen Design Studio, a well-known home improvement company in Atlanta. As both a skilled designer and an office manager, she plays an important role in turning clients’ dream homes into reality. With a sharp eye for design and a strong focus on making spaces that are not only good to look at but also warm and useful.

Her journey in design is driven by a love for creating spaces that aren’t just pretty but are also places where families love to gather and everything works smoothly. With her direction, the team of expert designers and remodelers works hard to create lovely homes that work well and fit what each client needs. Her way of designing is making sure that from the layout to the materials, it all matches the client’s wishes and the house’s look.

She’s great at working with clients, turning their needs, wants, and budgets into designs that match their style while ensuring projects go well from start to finish. Her dedication to doing great work is clear in the close attention to detail, professionalism, and top-notch customer service that Kitchen Design Studio is known for. By using the best materials, following safety and building rules closely, and offering fair prices, the team makes home remodeling fun and worry-free for homeowners.


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