Things to Consider When Choosing Cabinets

If you’ve already renovated a kitchen or are just beginning the process, you know how overwhelming the details can be. When discussing different types of cabinetry for your kitchen or bathroom, we at Kitchen Design Studio would like you to be aware that what is generally being discussed is often the method of production rather than the quality of the cabinets.

Semi-Custom Cabinets
Semi-custom cabinets are basically stock cabinets with extra detailing options. Stock cabinets are ready-made, pre-manufactured cabinets, meaning they’re mass-produced in a factory and ready to ship when ordered. Their major shortcoming is that customization is not possible. During a kitchen remodel the basic cabinetry sizes still apply, but consumers have the flexibility to change certain dimensions, like resizing the cabinet drawers and door fronts, or increasing/decreasing the cabinet depth. With costs kept reasonable and the customization options allowing you to feel like you’ve created something unique, semi-custom cabinets are a great choice!

Full-Custom Cabinets
Custom cabinets are crafted and built to your specifications, so they can be pretty much anything you want! It is possible to buy “custom” cabinets, which means you start with a standard size cabinet and add on the details and features you want.
Because of this, custom cabinets are expensive, labor-intensive, and usually take a few weeks or months to complete. Custom cabinets are often built by a skilled carpenter or manufactured at a mill on a build-to-order basis. Expensive, yet worth the cost when considering your one-of-a-kind look you’re trying to achieve!

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