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A person Bathroom is the most intimate place in the house this is why at kitchen design studio our goal is to make your new bathroom to be the most pleasant, clean, elegant and aesthetic place it could be .

with state-of-the-art cabinets and counter tops your vanity Will have maximum storage and durability .

Our tile installers are top of the line and can create an amazing designs all over your floor, shower walls and niches in the bathroom .
We like to use lots of light in the bathroom but have it controlled by a dimmer if you like to have it more calm and Relaxing as a spa. Related services: Kitchen design in Atlanta, basement design in Atlanta.

Bathroom Designs in Atlanta, GA

Atlanta provides a rich heritage of architectural landscape for bathroom remodeling, dating back to the 19th century. Since we at Kitchends mainly concentrate on historic home renovations, we understand the delicacy of balance for preserving historical details with providing updated and modern functionality required in today’s day and age.

Our designers will outline a map of the bathroom designed to meet your style and needs. Whether you wish to redesign your entire bathroom or possibly add a powder room or half-bath to your existing home, we take tremendous pride in a meticulous blend of renovation and restoration, designed with stunning and incredible results.

Here, we invite you to explore our bathroom renovations collection and the elegant bathroom remodels that we have desired to restore over the last few years.

Basic Features to Consider During a Bathroom Remodel

From building basement rooms to working from home structures, a modern development toward centralized and simplified in-home amenities has been one of the distinctive features of the 21st century. With time flying, we can see this integration of bathroom features into residential homes as an exciting part of this movement. Here are a few favorite features to review for your new bathroom restoration:

Heated Towel Rack: Similar to the warming drawers in the kitchen, get a soothing experience of wrapping yourself into a towel that is stored in a warming drawer in your bathroom.

Heated Floors: Heated floors are in a trend for a while but have not become a standard feature in the bathroom. A heated bathroom floor, just like heated car seats, is a luxury you don’t want to miss once you’ve used it.

Water-Proof Speakers: Perfect for those who use music for fun and to relax. So, it’s the best time to install a water-proof speaker in your bathroom shower. Tell Alexa to play your favorite songs instead of hearing the water sound. Additionally, this shower has a built-in speaker below the showerhead.

Smart Technology: With the new concept of bathroom technology, you can now tap your smartphone to set the water temperature in your shower. This will control the lighting settings in the mirror and start heating your steam shower.

Cost Associated with Bathroom Renovation

The cost associated with upscale bathroom remodeling includes:

  • Relocating all fixtures.
  • Expanding the current 35 sq. ft. bathroom to 100 sq. ft. within the existing house imprint.
  • Adding a 42 x 42-inch neo-angle shower with ceramic tile walls with an accent strip.
  • Installing a free-standing soaker tub with high-end faucets.
  • Recessed body-spray fixtures, shower caddy, and frameless glass enclosure.
  • A stone countertop with 2 sinks and a humidistat-controlled exhaust fan.
  • A classified commode area with a 1-piece toilet.

Generally, the renovation of an old bathroom into a new one can be time-consuming and costly.

Final Notes for Homeowners in Atlanta Interested in a Bathroom Remodel or Design Consultation

Whether you want to bring the feel of the spa to your bedside or home, or just like to update an old bathroom, we at Kitchends are confident with the quality of our workmanship and the care and concern for our client’s wishes.

Renovating or remodeling any portion of your home is an important decision. We distinguish that it’s essential to approach the decision with somebody who knows what questions to ask and how to ask them.

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